Reviews of the CryptoThrills Casino

In 2020, CryptoThrills gambling launched as a gambling site exclusively accepting bitcoin wagers. A big 250% bonus up to 1 BTC is being offered to players, however there are serious concerns about the safety of the brand.

CryptoThrills Casino’s Visual Presentation

Like ice cream and sunshine, thrills and online casinos go hand in hand. With CryptoThrills, this gets ramped up to an entirely new level thanks to the addition of a cryptocurrency casino. Believe me, I know that investing in cryptocurrencies may be thrilling as well, but nothing beats the instant excitement of playing at an online casino.

CryptoThrills was founded in 2020, according to my information. However, there appears to be no way to uncover the casino’s true proprietor. The entire “About Us” section is just filler about how the developers are “industry boffins with over eighteen years of industry experience in some of the top brands worldwide.” Personally, I don’t think that says much until you can back it up with some hard evidence.

Let me be honest with you: reading this review of CryptoThrills online casino is probably not going to be fun.

Payouts and incentives

Bitcoin’s price is notoriously unpredictable. Each day, the number might range from 40,000 to 60,000. Despite these significant changes, CryptoThrills has opted to integrate Bitcoin into its welcome offer:

First deposit bonus of up to 250% in BTC

The largest bonus available at CryptoThrills Casino is displayed below. You won’t find any other online casinos offering you such enormous bonuses… However, the devil is in the details, and as you are surely aware by now, large maximum bonuses typically come with equally large wagering requirements.

While it was a hassle to track down, you should know that CryptoThrills requires 60 times the bonus amount to be wagered before withdrawal. In order to meet the wagering requirements, you would need to deposit a total of 3,000,000 in order to receive the 1 BTC bonus (or 50,000 for the sake of argument). Even though the maximum stake may go as high as 1mBTC (50), this is still absurdly excessive.

You’re allowed to perform the arithmetic on your own time, but I wouldn’t advise blowing the whole bonus.

Game Picking

Then, how about those who make games? What do you think of CryptoThrills’s offerings?

The CryptoThrills Casino disappointed me in terms of its game selection since, as a European player, I am used to seeing thousands of online casino slots virtually wherever I go. The most prominent ones are Saucify, Rival, and Betsoft, all of which are frequently selected by dubious online casino operators. I can’t say for sure that these service providers are the most tolerant of unethical conduct in the workplace, but there does appear to be a trend…

Perhaps I am overthinking things, though, because at least the UK-based Betsoft is renowned for hosting decent games at respectable casinos as well.

Confidence and safety

My main concerns about CryptoThrills Casino are related to its safety and security features, or lack thereof. Some of the biggest casino players have been listed on some of the world’s major exchanges, thus the complete absence of disclosure on the firm itself is very concerning. There is nobody to turn for help if you get scammed by CryptoThrills; not even the licensing body that has granted its stamp of approval to this gambling site.

Since gambling already has its share of intrinsic dangers, I certainly wouldn’t put myself in any more jeopardy by patronizing shady establishments. And if you go around online, you’ll find a plethora of people airing their grievances with CryptoThrills.

CryptoThrills Casino’s Payment Methods

You may deposit with various different cryptocurrencies, as well as with “real-world currencies,” or fiat money. You may use any major credit card, including Visa and Mastercard. CryptoThrills claims that it just takes a few hours to process cryptocurrency withdrawals and 48 hours for credit payments.


On CryptoThrills, the help button is always in the same place: over on the right. Although the agents appear to respond quickly, the quality of service is poor.

Getting information out of my support agent seemed like pulling teeth. They seemed uninterested and just going through the motions, and the fact that they never capitalized a single letter in their conversation with me didn’t help matters.

The customer service rep helping me said the casino is licensed to operate in Croatia, but when I demanded to see proof, I was sent to the T&Cs. Funny thing is, I couldn’t find any mention of this, and that’s when they stopped responding to me altogether, other from providing a link to email support and saying I could obtain all the details I needed there. To think that I misunderstood them when they stated I could look it up in the fine print…

What I learned while playing at CryptoThrills Casino

Unfortunately, it appears like CryptoThrills is a fraudulent gambling site.

Everything about this site is questionable and below average, from the limited library of games to the dishonest customer service agents.

If you want to play at a casino online, I suggest checking out some of the options we have listed. One can choose from hundreds of excellent examples.

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